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Contract Law


Every type of business works because of contracts.  To make sure your business is successful, you will need a well-crafted
contract. Sarah Klug has more than 30 years creating the consummate agreement for any given situation.

When you are asked to enter a contract, Sarah will make certain any contract you sign is in your best interest, because she knows the framework and details required in every contract.

It is essential that legal agreements you enter are thorough and binding so you and your business are protected.

If you need a contract to be written or a contract to be reviewed, remember Sarah will

*     Custom design a contract that
      protects her client’s assets, profits
      and property.

*     Carefully break down contracts
      received by clients to eliminate
      sources of potential conflict,
      loopholes,  and exposure.

If you need a contract prepared for your business or if you need a contract reviewed, we look forward to working with

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