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​​Trademarks and Copyright Law


Sarah Klug has more than 30 years of trademark law experience, working with corporate and private clients alike.  She has been responsible for trademark portfolios including national consumer brands, international anime characters and logo branding for artists in the music industry.

After 30 years, Mrs. Klug is well-versed  with the United States Patent and Trademark Office trademark process from initial application through registration.

She knows how to successfully respond to any issues that may arise during the trademark registration process:  rejection of  the trademark application due to confusion with other brands, submission that do not meet USPTO standards, and challenges by third parties.  In 30 years, Mrs. Klug  has never had a
trademark rejected by the USPTO.

Mrs. Klug can answer your trademark questions and help you get your mark registered with the USPTO.  She will search the USPTO database, state trademarks and the Internet.  At the conclusion of her search she will discuss the viability of your trademark to reach registration.

Please call with your trademark and copyright matters.

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