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Landlord-Tenant Law

In 2019, New York State  passed the "Housing Stability and
Tenant Protection Act," which drastically altered the
fundamentals of landlord-tenant law and practice.

The changes in Landlord-Tenant law range from restrictions
regarding renting an apartment, conversions of
condominiums and co-ops and evictions of  tenants for
non-payment, holdover, and, in some areas, owner's use.

These changes are vast and complex.  You will need an
experienced real estate attorney to guide you successfully
through landlord-tenant issues.

The Law Office of Sarah Scova Klug has been representing
clients in landlord-tenant disputes for over ten years.  We
are up to date on the new laws set forth in the Housing
Stability  and Tenant Protection Act. We can help you with
the issues you are facing.

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